OSB Engineering Ship to: Bill Bartleet
Carb Pricing Sheet 2012 249 Luiseno Ave
Effective 1/21/12 Oceanside, Ca 92057
Rebuild any SBN Carb  $110 ea. Includes Labor, Mikuni Rebuild Kit and Base Gasket
Some models are less (email for quote) 
GPR/XLT Upgrade Jetting Kit for F/A's $72.00 Includes: N&S, Springs, Jets and Accel Block off kit
Labor to upgrade Jetting SBN-I (GPR/XLT) $65 ea. Labor only (no charge if done in conjunction with rebuild)
Labor to remove choke plates and   $10 ea. Labor only
install primer fittings (per carb)
"Drilled Return Mod" includes modifying $20 set When done in conjunction with a rebuild or upgrade
fuel fitting and restrictor jet This balances fuel pressure and preserves the life of SBN fuel pumps 
Stainless steel cap screw upgrade $7 set Each carb body
Accelerator pump block off kit $15 ea. Stainless cover plate, Hardware, caps and ties.
Repair sticky throttle shaft  "Quote" Quoted after inspection 
Remove paint from all  $5 set Labor only Each carb body
OEM SST Hardware
EZ- Tune T-handle sets (GPR/XLT)  $75 set GP1200R/XLT1200 in stock
Low and High T-handle SBN (old style) $7 ea. Mikuni
Primer Sets (varies per application) $18-$28 set
Yamaha intake Gaskets  Quote I stock several OEM sizes (inquire for pricing)
Riva Yamaha replacement fuel filters $15.95 Riva OEM replacement 
Stainless Steel 2 inch cable extension set $40.00 Add $20 for extra fitting on XLT
For adding 2 inch extension on GPR
Machine OEM Yamaha Head for higher compression.  $190.00 For stroker heads please email for quote
GPR or XLT 1200-1300 base heads  I can cut for any bore size, squish angle etc.
I use only genuine "Mikuni" rebuild kits and replacement hardware, never settle for less 
I do not sell rebuild kits or individual Mikuni parts, I stock only what I use in my service.
I specialize in Yamaha carburetors, but will service any brand of Mikuni based watercraft carburetors. SeaDoo, Kawi, Novi's, BlackJacks, etc.  
I have jetting specs for many sizes and types of Yamaha motors, including 66V ported and big bore jetting, Novi, BlackJack etc.
All rebuilds and upgrades include pop-off testing and adjustment, all metering screws are pre-set, all throttle plates are  
synchronized. Also included is full documentation of all  work performed, internal jetting specs, pop-off test results,
initial settings and Installation instructions and tips. Workmanship is warrantied for one year
All prices are for individual Carbs (except where "set" is noted), so multiply x2 for duals and x3 for triples 
Shipping charges to and from me are the responsibility of the Customer, I return ship using UPS ground or USPS Priority Insured.
Please note: Rebuild or upgrade pricing does not cover unforeseen issues and damage. Extra charges will be quoted  
for broken bolt removal, helicoil installation, fasteners, hardware or any other work outside the scope of a normal rebuild. 
Also please be aware that not all SBN-I carbs are rebuild able, corroded or seized metering screws are 
generally non salvageable. I always remove the TE (tamper evident) caps first to verify. 
All work outside the scope of normal work, will be quoted to and approved by the customer prior to any repairs.
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Contact me via email with your info and needs and I will get back to you within 1 business day with a quote 
I accept PayPal, Postal Money Orders or Personal Checks (must clear before shipping) I invoice prior to shipping with return shipping fee's
OSB Engineering, 249 Luiseno Ave. Oceanside, CA 92057 (760) 672-0989